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KSH145 S/M
Many kinds of special vehicles for application in electric works such as Insulated Aerial Platforms, Mobile Generator Truck, Mobile Transformer Truck and Auger Crane.

KSH145M/S KSH-145
Chassis for Mounting 3.5ton 3.5ton
Max. Working Height 14.5m 14.5m
Max. Working Radius 9.8m 11.5m
Bucket Size 730mm*1,100mm*1,000mm 730*1,050*900mm
Material FRP FRP
Turning Angle Left 100°~Right100° Left 100°~Right100°
Insulation 20KV/1min 20KV/1min
Payload 200kg 200kg
Boom Platform Tetragon 3 stages Tetragon 3 stages
Material FRP FRP
Elevating Angle 80° ~ -15° 81° ~-15°