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Water Tank Fire Truck
Kanglim Fire Trucks are designed for convenience, durability, environment friendly and easy maintenance.
Every equipments and parts for Fire Trucks are qualified by Korean fire regulation and also international standard.
Water Tank Fire Truck
Medium - duty Heavy - duty
Chassis(Payload) 8.5 ton 16 ton
Auxiliary Engine
Water Tank Capacity 6,000ℓ 10,000ℓ
Material STS STS
Foam Tank Capacity 200ℓ  
Material STS STS
Dry Powder
Fire Pump Model A-1 A-1
Type Automatic Eccentric Rotary Type
Turret Monitor  - 4000ℓpm
Self Spray Gun 3 at right and left 3 at right and left
Control Panel at left & right at left & right