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Road Sweeper(with Auxiliary Engine)
Kanglim Road Sweepers provide easy control, convenience and durability with many necessary devices which are applied as standard.

Road Sweeper(with Auxiliary Engine)
3.5㎥ 6㎥ 10㎥
Model KSH0428KL KSP0940KL KSP1645KL
Chassis(Payload) 3.5ton 8.5ton 16ton
Loading Capacity 3.5㎥ 6㎥ 10㎥
Auxiliary Engine Output 65ps 125ps 134ps
Water Tank Capacity 500ℓ 1,290ℓ 4,000ℓ
Sweeping Width 1,900mm 2,450mm 2,500mm
Sweeping Speed 2 ~ 20km/h 2 ~ 20km/h 2 ~ 20km/h